The Association of Romanian Orthodox Ladies Auxiliaries (AROLA) is an auxiliary women’s organization of our parish.


  • To support the Parish Council’s mission and the whole community’s efforts towards the church’s spiritual and material prosperity.
  • To promote the participation of the Romanian Orthodox community in Philadelphia in the church’s liturgical life and the parish activities.
  • To preserve and promote the Romanian people’s Orthodox faith, traditions and customs of and to perpetuate Christian family values, according to the doctrine, canons, discipline, cultic practice of the Orthodox Church.
  • To organize and promote fundraising activities and events in order to support the church restoration and/or charitable projects, with the cooperation of the Parish Priest and Council.

Steering Committee

The AROLA Steering Committee is elected for a term of two years by the members of the AROLA organization. Election takes place every two years, in January.

The current AROLA Steering Committee is comprised of the following Ladies:

  • Presbytera Rodica Buga, President;
  • Marioara Dragomir, Vicepresident;
  • Cristina Anca David, Secretary;
  • Gianina Grapini, Cashier.

The spiritual director of the organization is Fr. Nicolai Buga, the parish pastor.


Any adult woman who wishes to participate in this Parish organization shall be required first to become a member in good standing of our Parish, belonging to the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas.

A “Member in good standing” of an Orthodox church is an adult person who is baptized and/or chrismated according to the rites of the Orthodox Church, practices all the religious and moral duties, adheres to and lives according to the tenets of the Orthodox Faith; faithfully attends the Divine Liturgy and other worship services, meets his/her Stewardship and other financial obligations to the Parish, and supports the congregational efforts towards the church’s spiritual and material prosperity.

Each AROLA member shall pay an annual membership fee as designated by the the organization, according to its budget and needs. A certain percent of this amount shall be remitted to the AROLA Central Board’s Treasurer, as annual dues. The membership fee is payable each year after January 1.