November 1, 2015

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The Romanian Orthodox Church of The Holy Trinity and The Holy Transylvanian Confessors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was consecrated Sunday, November 1, 2015, by His Eminence Nicolae, Archbishop of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese in the Americas, together with His Grace John Cassian, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese, who were surrounded by a group of priests.

The consecration of the church in Philadelphia crowns a nine-year effort to restore the church building and the entire parish complex, made by its parishioners under the leadership of Father Nicolai Buga. The celebration also marked the bicentennial of the church building.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, on behalf of His Beatitude the Patriarch Daniel, His Eminence Archbishop Nicolae offered both Father Nicolai Buga, the parish rector, and Father Deacon Timotei Avram the Order of "Saint Andrew’s Cross" as a sign of appreciation for their missionary work and efforts in restoring the church. His Eminence thanked the members of the congregation for their support of the church restoration project and congratulated them on such a beautiful achievement. Finally, he encouraged them to be witnesses and followers of Romanian Orthodoxy in this region of the United States. In raising with great care and attention their children and grandchildren in the Orthodox Christian faith, the parishioners’ efforts made over the last several years in restoring the church will find their fulfillment in a wider participation of the faithful in the sacred rites and the life of the parish.

Then Father Nicolai Buga offered the two hierarchs an icon representing the Holy Trinity, as a token of gratitude from the church congregation.

Although it is one of the largest Romanian churches in the area, Holy Trinity seemed too small for the large number of parishioners who attended the consecration service. They were able to enter the Holy Altar and to worship at the Holy Table, as well as to honor the relics of St Anne, mother of the Holy Virgin Mary, and Saint Theodora, the empress of Byzantium, brought here from Holy Trinity Church in Rochester, NY.